“Portrait of Kristin, Summer 2016” by Ireashia Monét


never again will I be told
how beautiful I am in love
through a mouth that forgot
how to love me
and believe it


my torso a noxious cloud
on quieter days I imagine
how to smother you with it


it occurs to me
scabbed-over and distant
is the optimal combination


I’ve learned two mouths
can each deserve
better than the other


temporal a word you once
taught me in a long explanation
it applies to everything now


the shard in my palm
has no memory of the bottle
that planted it there


a boy I can’t see
calls us chi chi from the dark
I do not translate


Black as I am I will not
get used to being a ghost
that gives you everything


fireworks bud
over each passing city
the radio towers
are stunned

4 responses to “Hard-Fought

  1. Sad, and pained, but strong, visual, clever. Fantastic writing. There are so many lines to get caught up in.

    ‘Scabbed over and distant is the optimal combination.’ Uh huh

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