45 Questions to Ask While Waiting

taking-charge-of-taking-inventory-14888208501. Which part of your body aches most by evening?
2. Where is the least-visited corner in your home?
3. When was the last time you cried over something that later
seemed silly?
4. When piling things on the floor, how do you arrange the piles?
5. What is the cruelest thing you have done in love?
6. If you could punch one person in the face, who would it be?
7. What is the most mundane hurt you are carrying?
8. What fantasy do you revisit on your morning commute?
9. What will cause your inevitable downfall?
10. How many headaches have you had in the last week?
11. Are you most yourself when alone or with others?
12. What is the worst thing that has not yet happened?
13. Which chore do you put off most consistently?
14. How good have you become at lying?
15. What is the most expensive thing you own and never use?
16. How many house plants have you killed? (Round up)
17. What shame have you learned to live with?
18. What is the oldest thing currently in your refrigerator?
19. Who got away without taking responsibility for what
they did?
20. What hypocrisy in yourself have you yet to amend?
21. When sleep-deprived, what is the most likely reason?
22. With whom is your kindness most forced?
23. Which two dire needs are you presently choosing between?
24. Can you name a time you were least proud of yourself?
25. Does odor or height determine whether the trash should be
taken out?
26. For you, what does “chronic pain” refer to?
27. Whose misery would bring you comfort?
28. With whom are you dreading having a conversation?
29. How long should a burnt pot soak before being washed?
30. What permission have you given yourself to retaliate?
31. What is the name of the missing thing?
32. If you stopped, what would suddenly come into sharp focus?
33. Which question do you wish someone would ask you?
34. What terrible truth could everyone find out?
35. How have you convinced yourself that tenderness is scarce?
36. Which aspect of your character makes you difficult to live with?
37. What gut reaction are you purposefully ignoring?
38. Do you wait by the stove for the water to boil, or leave
the room?
39. With what have you replaced the things you owe yourself?
40. How many days has it been since you changed the bedclothes?
41. What consumes the majority of your emotional stores?
42. Whom are you waiting to acknowledge as fallible?
43. What book did you skim that you told everyone you read?
44. Which place in yourself is still secretly reeling?
45. What have you imagined is coming to heal you?

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