Signing Off For Now


Image from the Signs of Resistance exhibit at the Poetry Foundation. The incomparable work of Love & Struggle Photos has been featured here more times than we can count. Thank you Sarah-Ji!

As some of our followers may already know, we made the transition this past year from working full-time to becoming a freelancer. We’ve been supporting ourselves through teaching political education workshops to various youth and community organizations around the Midwest, and by writing for publications like Black Youth Project, In These Times, and others.

We’ve also been spending more time pursuing creative projects. We were able to perform for the opening for the exhibit Elements of Vogue in Madrid, Spain this past fall, and are currently wrapping up our time with the Rauschenberg Residency in Captiva, Florida–imagining new performance pieces addressing the current state of Black, queer liberation.

Because these various endeavors are pushing us in some new directions, we’ll be taking a break from publishing our writing here–but we’ll still be writing! You can always stay updated on our current work by following us on Facebook and Twitter, as well as our new personal website. will stay open as an archive, so that past essays and discussions that appear here are still accessible for curricula and general sharing.

We’re so grateful for the support, challenges, and encouragement we’ve received through this platform–and will continue to turn back to it as needed. Please keep following us, and stay in touch through social media and!



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