Vogue Workshop Series at Batey Urbano Starting Next Month

New Way Vogue WorkshopGeneration L will be hosting the first in a series of Voguing Workshops this coming month on Friday, May 17th at Batey Urbano. This movement event will focus on not only the foundations of the dance style of new way vogue, but will also examine some key points in the history of the ballroom scene. We will be using vogue dance as a means of better understanding our own history as Black and Brown queer people, poor and working folks, homeless people, sex workers, and trans people. This dance/history series will continue every third Friday of the month for the summer. These workshops are free, so please mark this first one on your calendar, stop by, and keep an ear out for future events!


Vogue Workshop Series: Black and Brown Queer History

Friday, May 17th

6pm to 8pm

Batey Urbano

2620 W. Division

Chicago, IL

This Event is Free

2 responses to “Vogue Workshop Series at Batey Urbano Starting Next Month

    • No, I am a volunteer there from time to time. Generation L is a sex-positive support group for Latin@ gay men and trans women through Vida/SIDA and the Puerto Rican Cultural Center, and is an awesome program!

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