Rest In Peace Mark Aguhar

Mark Aguhar 1987-2012

These are the axes:


Bodies are inherently valid


Remember death


Be ugly


Know beauty


It is complicated






Reconstruct, reify


Respect, negotiate

Mark Aguhar

2 responses to “Rest In Peace Mark Aguhar

  1. I love and miss her so much. I’m in an art class right now, and it’s driving me crazy. Every class I want to talk about her; and because I can’t, I try to do her justice by showing my boredom with the male gaze and the same thin body and racism and hate. I am bored because it’s everywhere and it’s nothing new. Mark’s axes are new and interesting and work thinking about.

    • I wish I knew more about the academic world of art, because I think it would help me gain a better grasp of how unique and powerful Mark’s work is. Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

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