Occupy Education: Three Great Projects and Pieces of Reading

In a moment of exciting but also confusing shifts in political action and discussion, I wanted to post links to a few sites and articles which have been helping me process many of the events taking place, but also challenging me to ask new questions, and to think about my role in the burgeoning conversations. In particular, these pieces have been pushing me to think about the links between public education and corporate domination, and what our collective role might be in dismantling those ties, and imagining new kinds of learning. These pieces have been motivating me to move beyond discussion into realms of real risk and forward movement. Please check the links out:

How Does Occupy Wall Street Speak to a Broken Education System? A Manifesto by Tenured Radical

Occupy Our Schools by Rick Ayers

Occupy Education, a new online collaborative project dedicated to reclaiming the voices of people in public education

3 responses to “Occupy Education: Three Great Projects and Pieces of Reading

  1. Thanks for sharing Occupy Education! Glad to see it has inspired you and helped in anyway to help you think about new ways of learning!

    -David Loitz (adventures in learning, Cooperative Catalyst, Occupy Education)

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