Capitalist-Challenging, Pro-Hood Pinoy Hip Hop

Deep Foundation, whose current album is called "Generation ILL."

Deep Foundation, a hip hop trio out of New York City and New Jersey, brings raw music back into the fold with sickening beats, top-notch flow and lyrics which always strive to give voice to underrepresented communities, alternative politics and current social dilemmas. I’ve seen them live, and they go just as hard off the wax as on. While empowering Asian American voices, and raising pride in the Filipino diaspora, it’s radical history and its place in the shifting globe, their music additionally speaks to colonialism, unemployment, education, love, incarceration, religion, tradition, and the people which bring them all together. They advocate openly for the working class, and use hip hop as a visionary tool for the unveiling of oppression and the unifying of struggles. Their knowledge of and reverence for the discipline of which they are a part, and their commitment to its original and ongoing political goals, makes them gifted emcees, and their music truly radical. Definitely check them out. Mad respect.

2 responses to “Capitalist-Challenging, Pro-Hood Pinoy Hip Hop

  1. Thanx for the heads up on DF&H. Sik.
    As for the blog, Awesome. 4 posts in & addicted.
    Giving this weird-ass, Aussie, whitey, fag hope.
    Keep it up.

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